Q: When do I need to contact the council?

A: Only when you have a retaining wall going above 500mm (50cm) in most circumstances. This attracts a fee and a wait time for building licence to be approved. We can quick guide you through this process.

Q: When would I need retaining?

A: In most cases we can sit the fence on the natural ground-level, however to prevent any loss of garden or paving we can install a retaining plinth into the fence line. This fits into the colorbond fence and is most suitable to hold up 300mm (30cm). Anymore and we can install a concrete retaining wall.

Q: Does my neighbour have to pay half of the fencing cost?

YES! the best way is to contact your neigbour and discuss colours and provide at least 2 quotes. This is a great way to build new friendship with your soon new neighbours. Make it a joyful occasion instead of a calling and demanding money. In most cases the neighbours is obliged to pay once his/ her pad goes down. Before that legally he/ she does not have to pay. Contact your local council for their contact details.